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My Story

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My very first job was in a health food store, and I fell in love with the products and smells. As life went on, I always shopped at health food stores and wanted to have one myself one day. I blindly thought that if it was in a health food store, it was safe and contained nothing harmful, so I never even read the ingredient labels.


At some point, the data started coming out that certain ingredients, like Sodium Laurel Sulfate, were indeed harmful and that other ingredients released formaldehyde. This new data was quite unsettling, so I started to read the labels and research exactly what each ingredient was and how they were made.

That research gave me the understanding that the ingredients in most of the products in health food stores were no better than the poison ingredients in products in a regular grocery store, and I had been paying a lot more for them. To say the least, I was not happy!

That's when I started replacing store-bought products with my own, homemade ones. It was difficult back then (29 years ago) because there were very few non-poisonous raw materials on the market. But over the years, more and more have become available due to public demand.


Now I can proudly say that I have formulated over 300 poison-free, non-toxic products for my company and others, made only from plants, minerals, and vitamins. We manufacture them in our FDA cGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant facility here in Northern Texas. And by the way, I did have a store for 15 years where I sold only the products that I formulated and manufactured.

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My Philosophy

"My philosophy is very simple... if I won't use it, I won't make it and sell it to others...PERIOD!"

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