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The Truth About How and Why We're Being Poisoned

There are groups of criminals on this planet from The Word Economic Forum (WEF, an off-shoot of the United Nations owned by the Rockefeller family) headed by the Nazi Klaus Schwab (founder and executive chairman of the WEF), and the World Health Organization (WHO) that think the Earth is over populated and needs to be depopulated by 80%, and these psychopaths have been hard at work on their depopulation agenda for MANY years.

"Dr. David Martin Calls for Total Destruction of the WHO for Crimes Against Humanity - Criminal Plandemic Genocide"
— Dr. David Martin

The WEF want the people who are left to live in "15 minuet cities" (which are being built as I write this), where everything you need will be within 15 minutes from where you will 'rent' your living quarters, where "you will own nothing and you will be happy" (Klaus Schwab), and that means you will own no car or private property.

You will get a 'programable' 'universal basic income' (monthly allowance of around $1,500/month) which will be deposited into your digitally controlled, bank account (which, if you don't use it all each month, will be wiped clean and you will start over with your UBI for the next month, so there will be no 'saving' money for anything). Your every move will be tracked through facial recognition software on your 'smart' phone, and your every word will be monitored through your smart; phone, ipad, appliances, TV, watches, and SERI. You will eat no meat or dairy, you'll live on 2,500 calories per day, and you vil eat ze bugs (Klaus Schwab).

Soooo, how do they accomplish depopulating 80% of humanity, and I mean worldwide, without being detected? Like I said, these psychopaths have been hard at work on this agenda for many years and there are different methods they use to accomplish their goal. They can't just attempt to kill everyone at once, that would be to obvious, so they do things like trump up wars, create famines, create viruses and vaccine that kill millions, poison the air, soil, food, and water supply, they flood the planet with illegal drugs (like fentinol and opiates) that kill people, they create pharmaceutical drugs with side effect that that can kill. If they make us sick they will make billions from hospitals and drugs.

Mind you, the 'Great Culling' was supposed to be a mass die-of of humanity due to a Third World (nuclear) War which was supposed to have been created by Hilary Clinton as president of The United States, But fortunately that plan was thwarted by her losing.


Why do you think that we are never without a war going on somewhere in the world? War is one of their more successful methods because they get us to kill each other. Hundreds of thousands can be killed in a drawn out war. PLUS, they make BILLIONS by selling resources, to keep the war going, to BOTH sides.


This is another highly successful tool. Famine is a widespread condition in which many people in a country or region are unable to access adequate food supplies. Famines result in malnutrition, starvation, disease, and high death rates.

Stalin starved MILLIONS of Ukrainians to death in 'ethnic cleansing' (genocide). Hitler gassed and starved MILLIONS of people from MANY countries, not just Jewish people. India has been one of the hardest hit countries by their depopulation agenda, 3 million people died in the Bengal famine of 1943, between 7 and 10 million died in the Bengal famine of 1770, around 11 million died in the Chalisa famine 1783-1974, another 11 million died in the Doji bara famine 1771- 1772, another 30-60 million died in the Great Famine of 1876–1878, and the famine is ongoing, 224.3 million people, or 16% of India’s population, are undernourished.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has an ongoing famine which will affect 22.8 million people this year alone. 70,000 people died of famine in the Sudan in 1998 and the food shortages continue to this day. I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture, famine is a VERY successful tool because it kills BIG and FAST! It doesn't take long for a person to starve to death!


To understand this section, you need to know what 'Gain-of-Function' virus engineering is. Gain-of-function means juicing up naturally occurring animal viruses, in a lab, to make them more infectious to humans. Scientists in the United States have long known how to mutate animal viruses to infect humans. For years, Dr. Ralph Baric, a virologist in the U.S., has been collaborating with Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, sharing his discoveries about newly created super-viruses. Dr. Baric and Dr. Shi worked together to insert a bat virus into the backbone of the deadly SARS virus, and then used the manmade super-virus to infect human airway cells. Their work received funding from the National Institutes of Health in the United States.

First they make the virus, then they make the vaccine, you cannot make a vaccine to a virus without first having the virus to build the vaccine around. The 'Master Seed' concept is used in the manufacture of biological products, which may be a bacteria, virus, or recombinant (to make something new out of different parts, such as a new virus from pieces of different existing viruses) organism.

Manmade, patented, viruses such as; H1N1 (Spanish flu), AIDS, Ebola, H5N1 (bird flu), Swine flu, SARS COV2, (which is the virus called COVID 19) Zika, are BIG business because, first, they create the virus, then they make a vaccine to that virus, then they release the virus, and when enough people have been killed by the virus (about a year) to scare the crap out of enough people (or, in the Covid case, the world population), so they will scream for the 'solution', the vaccine. Then they say "Oh, we now have a vaccine for the deadly virus we let lose", and they sell it to every government on the planet. Bill Gates said he invested 20 BILLION dollars into making the latest vaccines and made 200 BILLION from them. He laughed and said it was a pretty good return.

It wasn't the virus that killed and injured millions of people around the world, it was no more dealy than the common cold. It was the untested vaccines. Death was caused by Myocarditis (inflammation of the middle layer of the heart muscle) which caused heart attacks, by massive blood clots that clogged veins and arteries, stopped blood flow and caused deadly strokes, as well as allergic reactions to the vaccine itself, and neurological disorders are the number one vaccine injury.

Dr. David Martin is one of the worlds leading expert on the 'Plandemic' and is spearheading the charge to hold those responsible for these crimes against humanity accountable. Please watch a couple of his pod casts, it will give you the full scoop on how they kill us with disease and their, so called, 'cures'.

Be sure to see:

Dr. David Martin: This is a case of "MURDER"!


Is spraying chemicals into the air an attempt to control the fake 'Climate Change'. People breath these chemicals into their lungs, they fall on our skin and get absorbed into our blood stream, they fall to the ground and poison our soil, then the plants soak them up and we eat the plants, grazing animals eat the grasses covered in these chemicals then we eat the grazing animals.


Monsanto's (now Bayer's) glyphosate (Roundup) is the most widely used weed killer in the world, but it not only kills weeds, it kills honeybees as well. The very bees that are needed to pollinate the plants we need for food. Entomologists (insect researchers) are currently studying the reasons behind the enormous bee die-off happening worldwide. Beekeepers across the United States lost 45.5% of their managed honey bee colonies from April 2020 to April 2021, according to preliminary results of the 15th annual nationwide survey conducted by the nonprofit Bee Informed Partnership.

Glyphosate targets enzymes long assumed to be found only in plants. The product is advertised as being harmless to wildlife. But some bacteria also use this enzyme, including the intestines of most bees. When pollinators come in contact with glyphosate, the chemical reduces this gut bacteria, leaving bees vulnerable to pathogens and premature death.

A handful of NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) like; Moms Across America, Food Democracy Now, and The Detox Project have tested a variety of products for glyphosate. Based on their reports, here are just a few types of foods and examples of brands that have tested positive:

Granola by Quaker, KIND, Back to Nature, Nature Valley

Instant oats by Giant, Quaker, Umpqua, Market Pantry

Whole oats by Quaker, Bob’s Red Mill, Nature’s Path, Whole Foods

Cereal by Kashi, Kellogg’s, including Lucky Charms and Cheerios

Snack bars by Quaker, KIND, Nature Valley, Kellogg’s

Orange juice by Tropicana, Minute Maid, Signature Farms, Kirkland

Crackers, including Cheez-Its, Ritz, Triscuits, Goldfish

Cookies by Annie’s, Kashi, and Nabisco (Oreos)

Chips by Stacy’s, Lay’s, Doritos, Fritos

Ben & Jarry's ice cream

Glyphosate has also been found in miscellaneous products like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, non-organic cotton products like tampons and clothing, and even drinking water. It’s been found in 75% of air and rain samples. According to a 2017 study, it’s regularly found in human urine.

Countries that have restricted or banned Glyphosate because of its link to Cancer:

Australia (in some states)







Canada (8 out of 10 provinces)


Costa Rica

Czech Republic


El Salvador













St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Saudi Arabia





Sri Lanka


United Arab Emirates



PFAS - At least 45% of the nation’s tap water is estimated to have one or more types of the chemicals known as per-and polyfluorinated alkyl substances, or PFAS, according to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey. There are more than 12,000 types of PFAS, not all of which can be detected with current tests; the USGS study tested for the presence of 32 types. 

Comprising more than 4,700 chemicals, perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of widely used, man-made chemicals that accumulate over time in humans and in the environment. They are known as ‘forever chemicals’ as they are extremely persistent in our environment and bodies. They can lead to health problems such as liver damage, thyroid disease, obesity, fertility issues and cancer.

Fluoride - The types of fluoride added to different water systems include fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride. Fluoride has been linked to such cancers and diseases as; bone, bladder and lung cancer, DNA damages that mutate chromosomes and cause cancers.

Also in the water supply are the following; chlorine, chloramines, nitrates, arsenic, microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) and aluminum.

These are just some of the major ways the WEF, and the folks that own it, do 'controlled' depopulation. If Hillary had become president we would have seen the massive depopulation event they had been planning for us.

Thank you for reading this,

— Sindi Holmlund


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