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The Truth About Cosmetic Ingredients

My company is BonVida, LLC ('my brand', is PoisonFree) and I have been formulating and manufacturing chemical free, non-toxic health and beauty products for 27 years. I'm and expert on product ingredients. I know what they're used for and what they are made of. I know this because I'm very good at research.

Most of the products on the market, including health stores, are made for them by a company like mine. It's called Private Label. PL is where I make one of my existing products and put another company's label on it.

I also do Custom Manufacturing. That is where I make a completely new formulation, or use an existing formulation from another company. If I make the formulation there will be no toxic substances in it. If they send me an ingredient list with toxic ingredients, I will take them out and replace them with non-toxic ones.

When someone wants to start a business, selling their own line of chemical free, non-toxic hair care products, and they aren't an expert in raw materials (ingredients), they contact a company like mine to formulate and manufacture the products for them. The problem is that in most cases the formulator is an expert in 'formulating', but not the ingredients they are formulating with. So the person thinks they're getting what they envisioned, but end up with a formulation chock full of toxic ingredients like, parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde releasers, Phenoxytehnol, Cocamidpropyl Betaine (which people spell in about 4 different ways, and is more than 50% petrochemical), and many other undesirable ingredients because they, and the formulator, don't know any better.


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